My Coolest Project:
My coolest project was bringing back the Boeing 747 SuperTanker, in a 747-466 airframe, and successfully winning and flying missions on US and foreign contracts. The SuperTanker was the world’s largest air tanker, operating in the firefighting category of “Very Large Air Tanker” (VLAT). The Global SuperTanker performed vital and successful firefighting missions in California, Oregon, Israel, Bolivia, and Chile.

Andrea Avolio

Program Manager
The Team

Andrea Avolio

Program Manager

Andrea Avolio

Program Manager

ANDREA AVOLIO is an internationally experienced professional, born in Ontario, Canada, and spending her formative years in Australia. With dual citizenship in the US and Canada, she enlisted in the Army National Guard at 17, where she specialized in small arms maintenance. Upon earning an honorable discharge, Andrea graduated from Oregon State University with a BS in international business and then earned her Juris Doctorate degree from Lewis and Clark Law School in Portland, OR. She is a current member of the Oregon State Bar Association.

Combining her experience in small arms with her business and law degrees, Andrea joined Leupold and Stevens, Inc. as an integral part of the newly formed Tactical Division. As the company’s Government Liaison and Government Contracts Attorney, she worked primarily with the DoD and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to help bring leading edge precision optics to US Special Operations Forces, securing government contracts worldwide.

Andrea went on to hold a variety of roles at Evergreen International Aviation, Inc., including VP, legal, and general counsel, and managed over $350M in government contracts for Evergreen Helicopters. She played a key role in supplying Evergreen aviation assets to support logistics in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries, as needed.

In 2015, as VP of Business Development and Contracts, Andrea joined the select team of aviation professionals to form Global SuperTanker Services, LLC. The mission was to design, develop, and secure approval of the Federal Aviation Administration and US Forest Service to successfully operate the world’s largest and most effective aerial firefighting aircraft.

Andrea joined the HFS family in October of 2022, serving in the role of program manager.

  • Juris Doctor – Lewis and Clark College
  • Bachelor of Science, Business, International  – Oregon State University
  • Member of Oregon State Bar
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