HFS has been providing support across Europe since 2018 with initial outfitting, equipment planning, project management, engineering support, and construction management.

The HFS Team is at numerous sites across Germany, such as Spangdahlem, where we oversee the relocation and consolidation of several medical functions, the construction of a war reserve material (WRM) warehouse, and the renovation of a veterinary surgical suite. At Ramstein Air Force Base, staff are providing support to numerous projects. These include the renovation of the Ramstein Dental Clinic SPD (DIPC), the new construction of the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center (KMCC) Satellite Pharmacy, the construction of the Ramstein WRM warehouse, a gas storage warehouse, and a roof canopy addition, as well as the replacement of the Rhine Ordnance Barracks Medical Center.

Outside of Germany, HFS is overseeing a MILCON hospital replacement and the modernization of the dental clinic at Royal Air Force (RAF) Lakenheath. We are, additionally, providing support for the modernization of another dental clinic at RAF Alconbury.

In Italy, HFS is providing initial outfitting for the 8,400-SF Aviano Air Base Dental Clinic, as well as oversight of the modernization of the hospital’s laboratory and pharmacy casework. The team is also reviewing the design of the Aviano WRM Warehouse (EDI).

Moreover, the HFS Team is overseeing the renovation of a 40,000-SF warehouse in Zutendaal, Belgium. In the Netherlands, we are supporting the expansion and modernization of the 52nd Fighter Wing MUNNS GSU – Medical Aid Station Clinic, in addition to the renovation of five warehouses. HFS staff also designed the class-8 racking system and will oversee the construction of a 20,000-SF warehouse in Powidz, Poland.

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