Health Facility Planning at Schofield Barracks: HFS Project Management Support

HFS played a vital role in project management support, overseeing the construction of military medical facilities throughout Health Facility Planning Office – Schofield Barracks (HFPO-SB) in Oahu, HI. To accomplish this, our main goal was to efficiently coordinate with project stakeholders, including HFPO program and project managers, facility support staff, architect-engineering (A-E) firms, the USACE, and more. HFS offered essential technical advice, constructability support, and information to ensure projects met required standards.

Behavioral Health/Dental Clinic Addition to Desmond Doss Health Clinic (DDHC)

Among HFS-supported projects was the construction of a new behavioral health/dental clinic addition to Desmond Doss Health Clinic (DDHC). Our construction management facilitated the 73,401-SF addition with 284 rooms in Phase 1. This new clinic consolidates dental, physical therapy (PT), and behavioral health services. Located in the Historic District of Schofield Barracks, it adheres to State Historic Preservation Division (SHPD) and Department of Public Works (DPW) standards. Additionally, it aligns with Tripler Army Medical Center (TAMC) standards and integrates seamlessly with TAMC’s existing systems. Notably, the DDHC clinic opened one month earlier than projected and remained within budget.

Construction of a New Parking Garage

In another significant project, HFS provided essential support for a new 429-stall five-level parking garage for the US Army Health Clinic. This parking structure at Schofield Barracks, the first and only one, has 18 handicap and 16 motorcycle spaces, adjacent to a renovated ground-level parking lot.