HFS provided a design-build (D-B) request for proposal (RFP) package for the Olin E. Teague VAMC. The project developed a 380-space visitors’ parking garage through the following services: 

  • Site and traffic master planning  
  • Community outreach and communication 
  • Vehicle and pedestrian traffic studies 
  • Security and anti-terrorism development 
  • Structural, architectural, landscape, and wayfinding design 

The Temple VAMC has seen recent growth in the veteran populations and subsequently more diversified demands for VA medical services. To respond, the City of Temple improved access to the medical center and added entrances, but the VA campus traffic flow into and through the campus needed significant improvements. VA patients and visitors did not know where or how to enter the campus, where to go to obtain medical care, how or where to park, and had to view 27 (often contradictory) signs within 100 yards while crossing three streets to travel from their parking space to the entrance of the main hospital building.

To solve these problems, HFS collected and analyzed vehicle traffic flow data onto and throughout the campus, as well as pedestrian flow from the parking area to the hospital or clinical buildings. After analyzing the collected data and the flow of traffic, HFS revised traffic flow through the campus to optimize space utilization and updated the facility master plan for development over the next decade.