HFS used their A-E Services to renovate Kerrville VA Hospital’s fourth floor, built in 1947. This vertical medical facility design project included upgrades to infrastructure systems. Additionally, the project would include improvements to space utilization for specialty clinics. These clinics include the GI, ortho, respiratory, and oncology health clinics, as well as their administrative offices.

The HFS Team aimed to enhance patient care while improving both staff and patient experiences efficiently and effectively. We conducted several site visits, researched the building plan archives, and analyzed existing conditions and space utilization. Subsequently, we developed a program for the conceptual designs for this renovation project. After approving the conceptual design, the team completed construction plans and specifications. These plans included demolition, interior design, mechanical, electrical, low voltage, hazardous material abatement, and life safety systems. All these are consistent with a mission-critical facility.

The fourth floor of the Kerrville VA hospital exhibits some uniqueness in that the clinical staff is not on-site full time. For this reason, we developed much of the clinical space as a hybrid office/treatment space.