The Miramar Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) comprises three buildings totaling 98,039 SF. HFS devised four master planning courses of action (COA), resulting in a consolidated Project Book with 29 deliverables fed into the Program Administration & Execution (PAX) DD 1391 Processor,

The HFS Team involved in this project consisted of architects, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection engineers. The team conducted two site visits to collect data and evaluate as-built drawings. In addition, we also performed condition assessments of existing buildings, grounds, utilities, environment, and surrounding geography. Consequently, we analyzed hazardous materials, devised remediation plans, and crafted a comprehensive site master plan demonstrating access, building footprint, adjacencies, and compliance with antiterrorism/force protection (AT/FP) setbacks.

We generated parametric cost estimates using the latest Parametric Cost Engineering System (PACES). Moreover, the team completed an economic analysis that considered status quo, addition/alteration, new construction, renovation/recapitalization, leasing, and building of opportunity conversion options.

Our medical facility planning included concepts of operation (CONOPS) with narrative and diagrams illustrating departmental relationships, along with space and equipment planning (SEPS) reports.