Current Contracts

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Current Contracts
W912DY-17-D-0043 | USACE-Huntsville

Medical A-E Services

HFS provides A-E design and technical services in support of the Huntsville Engineering & Support Center Medical Division. Some of the projects we’ve supported under this contract include German Hygienist Assistance for LRMC and ROBMC in Landstuhl, Germany; Operating Room Design Optimization for Naval Medical Center Portsmouth in Virginia; HFD Technical Support at Ramstein Air Force Base (AFB) in Germany; and Design of Pallet Racking Systems at Powidz Air Base in Poland.

W912DY-19-D-0018 | USACE-Huntsville

OCONUS Medical Facilities
Support Services IIb

Under this contract, HFS provides project support services, facility operations and maintenance support, facility support services, project development support services, and commissioning services. Projects include USAMMA project support in Dulmen, Germany; USAMMCE project support in Dulmen, Germany; and initial outfitting planning and oversight support in Ramstein, Germany.

W91278-20-D-0014 | USACE-Mobile

A-E Services to Support Mobile
District’s Construction
Management Program

The HFS Team is providing various A-E services to support construction management programs for military, civil, and federal agencies within Mobile District’s Area of Responsibility. Services include assistance and guidance to field offices, site visits, bidability and constructability reviews, preparation of contract-related documents and analyses, and more. Projects include construction management and QA services for a rebuild project at Tyndall AFB, FL; cost estimating and construction QA support at Columbus AFB, MS; scheduling services at Patrick AFB , FL; and more.

W912QR-20-D-0030 | USACE-Louisville

Professional Services for Support
of the US Army Reserve Command

HFS is providing professional services for program management support, master planning, real estate planning, project management support, environmental management support, quality assurance, facility planning, construction planning, and more. One of the projects under this contract is to perform technical and administrative support services at five sites located in Ft. Belvoir, VA; Ft. Dix, NJ; Ft. Jackson, SC; Ft. McCoy, WI; and Moffett Field, CA.

W912PL-20-D-0050 | USACE-Los Angeles

Construction Phase Services
in Support of the Border
Infrastructure Program

HFS is the prime contractor to support various construction activities along the southern border of the US by providing quality assurance services during the building of the border barrier and associated structures. Project locations are within the USACE-Los Angeles South Pacific and Southwestern Divisions boundaries of Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas.

W912DY-21-D-0021 | USACE-Huntsville

CONUS Medical Facilities
Support Services IIa

HFS is the prime contractor to provide project management, construction quality management, project integration, and professional support services in support of MEDCOM. The team is to provide all personnel, services, equipment, and transportation required to complete efforts for project support services, facility support services, project development support services, and commissioning services on behalf of DoD and other designated federal agencies.

47QRAA20D0081 | General Services Administration (GSA)

Global Engineering Services

HFS is a GSA contract holder providing clients with a variety of engineering services and support around the world. Services include strategic planning for technology programs; concept development and requirements analysis; system design, engineering, and integration; test and evaluation; integrated logistics support; acquisition and life cycle management and construction management; and engineering consulting services related to real property.

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Phase Services

Program and
Project Management

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  • Program and Project Management
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